angry neku

So I lost my job

I had so many panic attacks that I missed so much work that I was fired.

I'm moving in with my boyfriend in San Diego. He has the time, the money, and the mental stability to take care of me, and also apparently "it's my job because you're my boyfriend."

I'm back to SoCal on Monday. I hope to one day return to the Pacific Northwest.

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I am gonna have to bring some alcohol to the office so that I can have a celebratory drink as soon as Governor Gregoire signs the gay marriage bill.

And if it goes to referendum, it looks way better than Prop 8 did (it's running 55 for/35 against/10 undecided last I saw), and the poll numbers for gay marriage have been improving since Ms. Gregoire said she would sign the damn thing.

I am damn well not going to live in another state that hates gay people so much that they want to forcibly divorce them. California can go to hell, I'm staying in Washington.

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Christmas is pretty much the worst. My mother is well-meaning but clueless and my father is a ticking time bomb. My brother asks me to play with him all the time and all I want to do is read a book and forget that other people exist for a while.

The longer I am at my parents' the more I want to start work.

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